Conferred in 2020

Name Thesis title Principal Supervisor
Argha Chakraborty Interplay of an antifungal coating and surface micro-cone structure on the biological responses of attaching fungal and mammalian cells  Professor Hans Griesser
Anouck Burzava Design and evaluation of blood-contacting coatings Professor Hans Griesser
Brock Le Cerf Atomic force microscopy and spectroscopic studies of crosslinking induced changes in the extracellular matrix that influence nanomechanical properties Dr Marta Krasowska
Claudia Binder Probing the diffusional mass transfer across the liquid-liquid interface in microfluidic devices: insights into solvent extraction and third phase Associate Professor Craig Priest
Durr-E-Shahwar Noman Green synthesis of novel metal oxide-biopolymer nanocomposites for wastewater treatment Dr Gary Owens
Dylan Peukert Stochastic modelling of gold nanoparticle enhancement of dose and reactive species yield for proton therapy Associate Professor Ivan Kempson
Eline Baudet Mineralogy and geochemical footprint of the Bulldog Shale and the Cadna-owie Formation, Eromanga Basin, South Australia: an example from the Prominent Hill deposit Dr Caroline Tiddy
George Abaka-Wood Beneficiation of rare earth elements minerals from tailings as an analogue of complex low grade ores Professor William Skinner
Gink Yang The role of flightless I in epidermal stem cell division, proliferation and differentiation during development, homeostasis, wound healing and epidermolysis bullosa-cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Professor Allison Cowin
Hongfang Wang Substrate effects on surface interactions at ultrathin polymer coatings Professor Hans Griesser
Jebum Choi Novel approaches in photoelectrode design for dye-sensitised solar cells Professor Peter Murphy
Jessie Webber Towards multilayered emulsion applications: polyelectrolyte multilayers at interfaces Associate Professor David Beattie
Jitesh Hora Nanostructuring of ultra-thin films on polymeric substrates Associate Professor Drew Evans
Junaiz Rehmen Engineering of vapour deposited conducting polymers on complex substrates Associate Professor Drew Evans
Ludivine Delon Microfluidic intestine-on-a-chip in vitro models for improved understanding of intestinal particulate carrier absorption and interaction with mucus Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Meysam Rezaeishahmirzadi Isolation and analysis of circulating fetal cells: towards improved non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Natalie Benbow An infrared spectroscopic study of fucoidan/chitosan polyelectrolyte multilayers for biomedical applications Associate Professor David Beattie
Ricardo Ferreira Neto Micro-sampling of whole blood and plasma-like fraction collection using porous polymer monolith technology Professor Emily Hilder
Thea Read The absorption and translocation of foliar-applied zinc oxide nanoparticle fertilisers in wheat Professor Enzo Lombi
Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich Investigation of the activity of a caspofungin-grafted surface coating on attaching pathogenic fungi Professor Hans Griesser
Thuy Thi Thanh Pham Development of a solid-state biodiagnostic platform based on indium oxide nanoribbon field effect transistors Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Valentina Milanova Cation exchange reaction in colloidal nanocrystals: a versatile approach towards improved cancer imaging and radiotherapy Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Mustapha Adam Enhancing iron ore sinter feed granulation Professor William Skinner
Emmanuel Baawuah Application of new processing technologies for cost reduction in magnetite ore beneficiation Professor William Skinner

Conferred in 2019

Name Thesis title Principal Supervisor
Adam Sutton Improving the sustainability of analytical separation science Professor Emily Hilder
Adel Dalilottojari Antimicrobial coatings for biomedical and wound healing devices Professor Peter Hoffmann
Farzana Kastury Bioaccessibility, bioavailability and remediation of metal(loid)s from mining/smelting impacted dust and soil Associate Professor Albert Juhasz
Gulliver Conroy Computer simulated modelling for environmental risk governance of engineered nanomaterials: uncertainty communication and the development of policy relevant knowledge Professor Enzo Lombi
Hannah Thomas Flightless I regulation of pericyte function in acute and diabetic wound healing Professor Allison Cowin
Javad Naderi Strategies for combatting the formation of fungal biofilms on biomaterials surfaces Professor Hans Griesser
Keith Quast Characterisation and processing of lateritic mineral ores for enhanced recovery of values Professor William Skinner
Nishtha Gaur Investigating plasma-tissue interactions in the context of wound healing Professor Robert Short
Qing Xiao Heavy metal accumulation and bioaccessibility in traditional Chinese medicines Dr Gary Owens
Rahul Madathiparambil Visalakshan Nano engineered surfaces to control biological response Professor Krasi Vasilev
Rinku Chhasatia Optical and electrochemical platforms for detection of insulin secreted by human islets Dr Beatriz Prieto Simon
Satriyo Wahono Natural zeolites and plasma surface engineering for innovating biogas purification and advanced adsorbents Professor Krasi Vasilev
Simarpreet Kaur Fundamental understanding, development and industrial applications of copper binding glutaraldehyde-polyethyleneimine coatings: antifouling, remediation, and sensing Associate Professor Ivan Kempson
Stefani Griesser Antimicrobial coatings for biomedical and wound healing devices Professor Krasi Vasilev
Zhaobin Guo Bioengineered vascularized microfluidic model: towards improved cancer therapy risk reduction and in vitro evaluation of the metastatic process Professor Emily Hilder

Conferred in 2018

Name Thesis title Principal Supervisor
Andrew Harris Solar-power enhanced electroosmotic dewatering and consolidation of model clay mineral tailings Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah
Cameron Ollson The influence of co-contaminants on the bioavailability and bioaccessibility of arsenic, cadmium and lead Associate Professor Albert Juhasz
Chunli Lu Crystallization of gold crystals at ethylene glycol-room temperature ionic liquid interfaces over a wide temperature range Professor Peter Majewski
Gurwinder Singh Novel activated porous biocarbons: synthesis, characterization and application for CO2 adsorption Professor Ajayan Vinu
Hamid Ilbeygi Design and synthesis of multifunctional nanoporous heteropolyacids for energy storage applications Professor Ajayan Vinu
Maria Faustorilla Determination of total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater through improved analytical techniques Associate Professor Zuliang Chen
Mercy Benzigar Fabrication of mesoporous fullerenes with ordered porous structures for energy applications Professor Ajayan Vinu
Muhammed Khan Comparison of the ecotoxicity of fresh and weathered hydrocarbon contaminated soils using wheat and Australian native grasses Professor Megh Mallavarapu
My Truong Rec1-resilin: an advanced multi-stimuli responsive protein polymer Professor Naba Dutta
Nazanin Nikoo Jamal Interactions of engineered nanoparticles with economically important food crops Dr Gary Owens
Ohene Karikari-Yeboah Effects of surcharge on the redox dynamics of pyritic sediment Professor William Skinner
Pasindu Sellapperumage Droplet-surface collisions of relevance for flotation of composite particles Dr Marta Krasowska
Rajni Garg Work function modification of carbon-based materials Professor Mats Andersson
Richmond Asamoah Improving the understanding of the fundamentals and applied aspects of leaching refractory gold ores Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah
Roya Rudd Fabrication of quantum dots and investigation of size and matrix material effects on optical properties of quantum dot nanocomposites Professor Peter Murphy
Sam Rudd Impact of doping on semi-metallic polymers Associate Professor Drew Evans
Sanchita Mandal The importance of biochar characteristics for its environmental applications Professor Enzo Lombi
Scott McCormick High throughput screening of nanotoxicity using microfluidics Associate Professor Craig Priest
Sophia Joseph Soly Improving the dewaterability of complex mineral dispersions through pulp chemistry modification and superabsorbent reagent mediation Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah
Stalin Joseph Design of multifunctional nanoporous electrodes for energy storage applications Professor Ajayan Vinu
Stephen Blundell Enhanced degradation of persistent organic pollutants by nanoscale zero-valent iron Dr Gary Owens
Tyron Turnbull Radiosensitization of cell sub-populations by gold nanoparticles: cross-correlative microscopy for elucidating fundamental mechanisms Associate Professor Ivan Kempson

Conferred in 2017

Name Thesis title Principal Supervisor
Bhabananda Biswas Microbial degradation of environmental contaminants in clay and modified clay minerals-modulated systems Professor Ravi Naidu
Iliana Delcheva How do ionic liquids interact with and wet surfaces Dr Marta Krasowska
Paula Facal Marina Pickering emulsion formation with hydrophilic silica nanoparticles Associate Professor David Beattie
Jessica Jackson The role of Flightless I (Flii) in the healing of digital flexor tendon adhesions Professor Allison Cowin
Kripal Lakhi Design of novel functionalized carbon nitride nanostructures for carbon capture and photocatalytic applications Professor Ajayan Vinu
Andrew Lo Structural characterisitics and column leaching behaviour dynamics of limonitic nickel laterite ore agglomerates Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah
Keith McAuliffe An evaluation of criticial elements for optimising performance of major multi-use sports playing surfaces Professor Nanthi Bolan
Promil Mehra Return to tillage under no-till system: impacts on soil carbon dynamics Dr Jack Desbiolles
Kyall Pocock Microfluidic intestine-on-a-chip in vitro models for improved mechanistic understanding of intestinal drug and particulate carrier uptake Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Gayathri Rajeev Nanoporous anodic alumina-based biosensors for detection of biomarkers in chronic wound Professor Nico Voelcker
Nekane Reta Murua Electrochemical biosensors based on porous nanostructured materials for label-free detetction of pathogens and their toxins in water Professor Nico Voelcker
Ruhaida Rusmin Modification of palygorskite for remediation of lead contaminated water Professor Ravi Naidu
Hanieh Safizadeh Shirazi Development of novel plasma polymer surfaces for stem cell expansion Associate Professor Jason Whittle
Mandeep Singh Role of clay minerals in carbon stabilisation in soils Associate Professor Jock Churchman
Bastian Stoehr Investigation of interactions between fingerprints, surfaces and cleaning implements Professor Peter Murphy
Nathan Williamson Unraveling material heterogeneity: Combining nuclear magnetic resonance with statistical modeling Professor Magnus Nyden
Marnie Winter Detection and characterisation of rare disseminated cancer cells; towards improved patient prognostication Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry
Limin Wu Synthesis of noble metal nanoparticle and their application in colloid and interface sciences Dr Haolan Xu
Xuan Wu Cost effective photo-thermal materials: synthesis and applications Dr Haolan Xu
Chih-Tsung Yang Amplification of surface plasmon resonance biomolecular binding events: towards improved biosensing based cancer prognostics Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry

Conferred in 2016

 Name  Thesis title  Principal Supervisor
 Mahmoud Moussa Mohamed Abdelsadik  Development of conducting polymer/graphene composites for electrochemical capacitors  Professor Peter Majewski
 Samuel Aleer  Metagenomics: screening of organisms and functional profiels associated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioremediation in contaminated soils  Associate Professor Albert Juhasz
 Israt Biva  Discovery of antibacterial compunds from Australian Eremophila plants  Professor Hans Griesser
 Vimal Kumar Ganesh Kumar  A cost effective method for remediating wastewater using algae coupled with simultaneous production of biofuels  Professor Megh Mallavarapu
 Paul Joyce  Designing nanostructured biomaterials with specific activities towards digestive enzymes for controlled lipid hydrolysis  Professor Clive Prestidge
 Johan Lindén  A new generation biocide-free marine antifouling coatings  Professor Magnus Nyden
 Yatin Mange  Photocatalytic nanomaterials  Professor Thomas Nann
 Ramkrishna Nirola  Revegetation and ecotoxicological assessment of abandoned copper mine for improved remediation utilizing native plant species  Professor Megh Mallavarapu
 Xanthe Strudwick  The role of Flightless 1 in Tissue regeneration  Professor Allison Cowin
 Mona Taghavikish  Polymerizable ionic liquid based inhibitors; synthesis, characterization and application  Professor Namita Roy Choudhury
 Li Yu  Polyelectrolyte complexes for water decontamination and oil-repellent coatings  Dr Haolan Xu