Submitted by Professor David Giles

Strand Leader and John Ralston Chair in Minerals and Resources Engineering

 MinEx CRC has a ten year research agenda (financial years 2018-2027) backed by $41M cash from industry and geological survey partners, $78M (311FTE) staff in-kind, $49M non-staff in-kind and $50M cash from the CRC Programme, for a total of $218M.

MinEx CRC’s research is industry led and includes three related Programs:

  • Developing more productive, safer and environmentally-friendly drilling methods to discover and drill-out deposits, including coiled tubing drilling technology.
  • Developing new technologies for collecting data while drilling, bringing forward mine production.
  • Implementation of a National Drilling Initiative (NDI) - a world-first collaboration of Geological Surveys, researchers and industry that will undertake drilling in under-explored areas of potential mineral wealth in Australia.

MinEx CRC is has dual headquarters in Western Australia, at the Australian Resources Research Center in Kensington and in South Australia, at the Future Industries Institute, UniSA Mawson Lakes. The University of South Australia has a significant footprint in MinEx CRC with 9 researchers (delivering 7.6 full time equivalent) into 5 of the 9 MinEx CRC research projects.  This includes the role of Chief Scientific Officer (Prof David Giles), Chair of the Education and Training Committee (Dr Caroline Tiddy), Drilling Program Leader and Coiled Tubing Drilling Project Leader (Soren Soe). 

MinEx CRC is actively recruiting PhD candidates.  Over the life of MinEx CRC we expect to enroll 60 PhD students in total - with 18 enrollments at UniSA in a range of disciplines (engineering, photonics, geology, geophysics and data science).  Please refer to the MinEx website for information about PhD opportunities or contact Caroline Tiddy directly at

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