Strand Leaders are innovators in their field who work with our researchers, students and partners to identify and solve new and interdisciplinary challenges.

Professor Peter Hoffmann 

Strand Leader and Lloyd Sansom Chair – Biomaterials Engineering and Nanomedicine

A leader in the Mass Spectrometry Imaging field, Professor Peter Hoffmann’s research group was the first to use this technology in Australia. Professor Hoffmann formed Onco DX to commercialise patented biomarkers for the early detection of ovarian and gastric cancer.

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Associate Professor Albert Juhasz

Strand Leader and Barbara Hardy Chair – Environmental Science and Engineering

A leading expert in environmental contaminants, A/Prof Albert Juhasz has extensive experience in the application of bioavailability assessment tools for human health exposure refinement and the development of remediation technologies for risk reduction.

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Professor Peter Murphy

Strand Leader and David Klingberg Chair – Energy and Advanced Manufacturing

Recipient of the prestigious 2016 Clunies Ross Innovation Award, Professor Peter Murphy translates innovative thin-film and polymer technologies into tailored solutions for industry. As UniSA’s first Industry Professor, he has delivered strategic collaborations and research partnerships between universities and industry.

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Professor David Giles

Strand Leader and John Ralston Chair – Minerals and Resources Engineering

A leading expert in translating minerals science research into solutions for the mining industry, Professor David Giles has extensive experience in mineral exploration and the development and implementation of the next generation of exploration geoscience.

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Professorial Chairs

Aligned to each of the Strand Leader appointments is a Professorial Chair. These appointments acknowledge and honour four aclaimed South Australians who have contributed to the development of a culture of industry engagement with research.

The appointments enrich the academic environment of the Institute and contribute to our spirit of enterprise.

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