Future Industries Institute Scientist Wins Tall Poppy Award

We are very proud to announce that Dr Melanie MacGregor, a Santos-UCL Research Fellow at the Future Industries Institute, was named one of Ten Tall Poppy Scientists for South Australia in 2018.

Dr MacGregor is building a solid track record in nanoengineered biomaterials, developing devices using plasma coatings to capture cancer cells from urine samples, growing stem cells and improving oil and gas recovery for the mining sector.

Her research involves designing surfaces at a minute scale to influence how they interact with their environment – a field billed as “the next industrial revolution”.

Dr MacGregor’s key focus involves working with a team of twelve scientists to develop a commercial non-invasive microfluidic device to detect bladder cancer cells in urine. The team is hoping to start clinical trials this year using this new, pain-free technique.

In the five years since completing her PhD at UniSA, Dr MacGregor has published thirty high-impact, peer-reviewed articles and won a number of awards, including the Ian Wark Medal, the John A. Brodie Medal for Chemical Engineering, the Winnovation Engineering Award and the UniSA ITEE Early Researcher Career Award.

Dr MacGregor is a keen supporter and volunteer of Science Alive, the largest single interactive science exhibition in Australia, and actively promotes women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).