Science at the Shine Dome

By Dr Xanthe Strudwick, Future Industries Institute ECR Research Associate

In May, I was honoured to receive an Australian Academy of Science Travel Award from the Future Industries Institute to attend the 2017 ‘Science at the Shine Dome’ in Canberra and participate in the Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Program.

This annual event held by the Australian Academy of Science, presents outstanding Australian research across all scientific disciplines, featuring talks by Fellows newly elected to the Academy, as well as researchers receiving honorific awards from the Academy. The event concluded with the ‘Life on the Loose’ symposium, bringing together prominent researchers who aim to understand, eradicate or control invasive species in Australia; which was also the theme of the Future Industries Institute sponsored Gala dinner, with a number of invasive species actually on the menu!

The EMCR Program was aimed at fostering the developing careers of new researchers, including a networking event with the New Fellows and a series of workshops focussed upon the importance of effective communication outside of academia. Topics included storytelling for researchers and pitching research to the media, as well as tips for perfecting grant writing to secure funding in today’s competitive research environment.

The importance of fostering partnerships with industry was highlighted in a workshop facilitated by the Future Industries Institute Associate Professor Drew Evans and the whole event demonstrated the importance of collaboration, inter-disciplinary research and partnerships outside of the traditional scientific arena and into the wider Australian community.