Future Industries Accelerator Update

The Future Industries Accelerator (FIA) represents a $7.5 million investment from the South Australia State Government, which focuses on creating high-value jobs in South Australia and assisting local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate growth.


You do not need to have worked with the University before to consider engaging – FIA provides the mechanism to develop a new collaboration, or strengthen an existing partnership, with the multidisciplinary areas within FII, and more broadly with research expertise from across the University.  Three core activities provide flexibility and tangible mechanisms to drive the transformation of businesses through:


Infrastructure Access Scheme

The Infrastructure Access Scheme provides an ideal mechanism for engaging with industry and delivering outcomes of value for our partners.  Through this Scheme companies across the State can access equipment, laboratory space, and research infrastructure valued at over $60 million and located within UniSA, at no direct cost.  The Scheme facilitates a fast response to the pertinent challenges faced by industry partners, including through advice, training and analysis from dedicated technical staff.  


R&D Voucher Scheme

This Scheme provides funding of up to $100,000 for projects of up to 12 months duration. The Scheme is designed to address priority challenges and/or rapidly develop and test potential product ideas or enhancements, to deliver benefit and impact for our industry partners, and for South Australia.


We have now run two rounds of the R&D Voucher Scheme, and the FIA Oversight Committee has successfully awarded research funding to ten companies in South Australia who are working with FII researchers and affiliates from across the University. We look forward to formally announcing these companies shortly.


Mobility Scheme

Commencing mid-year 2017, this Scheme will provide grants to fund placements of up to 12 months for researchers to work within business, or industry representatives to work within FII. The intent of the Scheme is to facilitate enhanced R&D capacity in partner businesses, and to develop entrepreneurial and business capacity in UniSA researchers through the transfer of expertise, training and skills.


For more information:

Dr Ixchel Brennan, Program Manager: FIA,  is available to provide support and advice on FIA, and the R&D Voucher Scheme (Ixchel.Brennan@unisa.edu.au or (08) 8302 7195). To seek further advice about how to engage with the Infrastructure Access Scheme please contact Dr Euan Smith (Euan.Smith@unisa.edu.au or (08) 8302 5042).


Further details regarding FIA, including an information brochure and an updated set of Guidelines and Application Forms can be found at: https://fii.unisa.edu.au/engage-with-us/fia/