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R&D Voucher Scheme Overview

The R&D Voucher Scheme provides a tangible mechanism to strengthen engagement with industry partners, and support local industries to build their research and development capacity and accelerate growth.

Key features of the scheme include:

  • Provides funding up to $100,000 for projects up to 12 months duration
  • 2:1 industry co-investment required, although if annual turnover is less than $5M, co-investment can be in-kind
  • Short application forms jointly written between UniSA and industry collaborators
  • Funding rounds are held every 6 weeks

How does accessing an R&D Voucher help my business?

The R&D Voucher Scheme provides an opportunity to collaborate with UniSA researchers to explore commercial ideas or overcome existing challenges. The R&D Voucher Scheme is designed to deliver and develop innovative and sustainable solutions, and/or rapidly develop and test potential product ideas or enhancements (research and development), to deliver benefit and impact for our industry partners, and for South Australia.

The R&D Voucher Scheme operates very differently to many traditional research funding opportunities – The work is defined by industry and the intent is to help companies access world class research support and funding to address priority industry challenges, to deliver outcomes of value in short timeframes.   

What support is available through the R&D Voucher Scheme?

Through this Scheme companies across the State can access funding of up to $100,000 for a project of up to 12 months, based on a 2:1 return on investment. For example, eligible companies may apply for up to $100,000, where there is at least $50,000 co-contribution from the industry partner.  For companies with an annual turnover of less than $5M, the co-investment can be in-kind.

Eligible companies must have at least two years of finances and current, or proposed, operations in South Australia, along with demonstrated intention to benefit the State’s economy.

Please contact the FIA Program Manager to achieve the application deadline you’re working towards.

- 30 R&D Vouchers have already been awarded

Submission Deadlines

More information coming soon.

How do I apply to the R&D Voucher Scheme?

Deadlines for the scheme occur every 6 weeks for a quick response. The FIA Program Manager will ensure you have included the necessary information prior to submission. To apply for this scheme follow the steps below.

  • Contact the FIA Program Manager to discuss the work required (all companies must meet with the FIA Program Manager before submission)
  • As a collaborative team, complete the short application form (below)
  • Send a draft to the FIA Program Manager for feedback. The first draft should be submitted weeks before the intended deadline to allow due process and optimisation
  • Agree on intellectual property arrangements as part of submission.

After the final submission, applicants are invited to a Committee meeting. Notifications are provided within 48 hours (business days) of the Committee meeting.

Companies should carefully review the Guidelines and Application Form for the R&D Voucher Scheme before applying. If needed, we can help identify an appropriate UniSA reseacher for your project. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Applications should be co-developed by the industry partner and UniSA researcher(s). Applications must be written in the style of a business case where the problem/opportunity of the project is identified, the rationale for addressing the problem/opportunity is explained, and the anticipated outcomes from the project, are all clearly articulated. All applications must be written in accessible language.

Applications to the R&D Voucher Scheme will be accepted on an ongoing basis, and will generally be assessed by the FIA Oversight Committee within six weeks from submission – meeting dates, and associated deadlines are detailed on this page.

To access support and advice regarding eligibility and the overall application process, all applicants must engage with the FIA Program Manager prior to final applications proceeding through to the FIA Oversight Committee.

Note to UniSA staff - to be eligible for FIA funding, the lead supervisor must be a FII Affiliate or an employee at FII. The affiliate application process is simple. To start your application please contact the FIA Project Officer.

Application Documents

FIA R&D Voucher Scheme Guidelines
FIA R&D Voucher Scheme Application Form
FIA R&D Voucher Scheme Indicative Terms & Conditions

For further information please contact

Mark Saunders
Program Manager: Future Industries Accelerator
Phone: (08) 8302 7195
Email: mark.saunders@unisa.edu.au