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The Future Industries Accelerator (FIA)

Addressing industry opportunities and challenges to build a stronger SA economy

The FIA provides funding for South Australian industry to access UniSA’s infrastructure and expertise. The FIA is a $7.5M investment from the South Australian Government to create high value jobs in the state, assist local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate revenue growth. It supports SA-based companies to overcome key business challenges through a whole new way of thinking and operating.

The FIA has supported many SA businesses. The response has been incredibly positive and South Australian industries now have a ‘go-to’ destination for collaboration, innovation and breakthroughs.

How can the FIA help your business?

Is your business facing a technical challenge that you cannot identify or resolve in-house? Do you have a product development idea you want to explore? If so, we invite you to contact us. We will work with you to find the right UniSA researcher for your needs and help you to connect with them. We can work with you to assess how your business can benefit from the FIA schemes, facilities and expertise across the University.

Contact us to explore these opportunities and discover how we support companies across South Australia through the Future Industries Accelerator. We are here to help your business grow.

Infrastructure Access Scheme

Providing companies with access to equipment, laboratory space and research infrastructure.

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R&D Voucher Scheme 

Funding for projects to address priority industry challenges.

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Mobility Grants 

Grants will fund placements for up to 12 months within business or UniSA.

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What are the benefits of the FIA?

The FIA has funded over 77 projects, engaging with well over 100 South Australian companies and has created 34 jobs directly, not including indirect benefits. The FIA is open to all industries and company sizes - we have supported a range of companies specialising in software development, agriculture, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, mining and more. 

There are benefits for companies and the University, with the state of South Australia as the ultimate winner. The benefits of the Future Industries Accelerator include:

  • Flexible intellectual property arrangements
  • Easily accessible and generous schemes
  • Fast turnaround - funding rounds are 6 weeks apart and work can begin as soon as the funding agreement is signed
  • Accelerated company growth through analysis, R&D and/or staff training and upskilling
  • A low risk opportunity to embrace emerging technologies, test an idea or transform your business
  • A gateway to form long term partnerships with UniSA
  • Increased exposure for UniSA researchers to industry environments and needs
  • Increased revenue and jobs for the state

“The Future Industries Accelerator is driving industry-research collaboration, encouraging innovation and helping to grow the economy in South Australia. We're really excited about the results from the FIA to date, but this is only the beginning.”

- Professor Emily Hilder, Director, Future Industries Institute

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Future Industries Accelerator (FIA). Unlocking potential through partnerships.  Find out more and download our brochure now.

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A $7.5m investment from the State Government of South Australia, which focuses on creating high-value jobs and assists local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate growth.

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