The University of South Australia and University College London (UCL) have signed a partnership agreement that will see the two institutions collaborating on a wide range of research and teaching designed to meet the needs of future industries.

The partnership between UniSA’s Future Industries Institute (FII) and the UCL Faculty of Engineering opens opportunities for an industry-focused PhD program, joint curriculum development, especially in areas aligned to growth industries in the region, student and staff exchange programs, public engagement and joint academic appointments.

It also emphasises UCL’s ongoing commitment to sustaining its engagement with South Australia in a new format beyond 2017, when it will no longer have a stand-alone presence in SA. 

UCL Engineering in new MSc on Global Management of Natural Resources

This program is the first to be launched following the announcement in April 2015 where UCL's Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES) stated their intent to partner with the Future Industries Institute at UniSA. 

The exciting, innovative, dual-hemisphere programme will host students in London UK, from September to March and in Adelaide, South Australia, from April to September. It is a multi-disciplinary programme, which builds on the teaching and research strengths developed by the two universities.

This unique masters degree will aim to prepare the future leaders in the management of the natural resources value chain across the globe.  

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