A flexible and responsive approach to engagement and collaboration 
Solution-driven, collaborative and transparent: we’re not an ordinary research institute.

At FII we know how to combine our research expertise and assets in unique and tailored ways ensuring that the outcomes we deliver are focused on your needs. Our solutions are informed by an understanding of your core business, your challenges and your values and if we do not have the expertise to help, we will do our best to connect you with someone who does.

Another difference in the way we work is our researchers are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, to be responsive to the needs of industry and community partners, and to engage in the commercialisation of their research.

We are focused on and committed to finding ways for our research outcomes to create value and impact for industry collaborators.

UniSA values partnerships and our approach to intellectual property (IP) management. This is evident in the approach we take to partnering and to the principles which outline a commitment to providing timely and commercially reasonable access to our IP, expertise and capabilities and being flexible and easy to do business with.

We invite you to reach out and explore the opportunities for your organisation to partner with FII.

Through UniSA Ventures, a wholly owned entity of UniSA, the management of intellectual property is informed by 7 key principles which have been adopted across all Australian Technology Network (ATN) Universities. They support researchers and partners to translate this knowledge into commercial outcomes with the aim to give timely and commercially reasonable access to our intellectual property, expertise and capabilities.


We invite you to contact us to explore an opportunity and develop an exciting, mutually beneficial and multifaceted relationship with you and your company.

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University College London Partnership

UniSA is a proud partner of University College London

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Partnerships and

FII works with a diverse range of Partners and Collaborators around the globe.

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FII Affiliate Membership

FII Affiliates have access to all FII activities and programs including: regular FII seminars and workshops, professional development activities, as well as access to a diverse range of industry and end-users.

FII Affiliates are able to access all components of the Future Industries Accelerator (FIA). FIA provides the mechanism to develop a new collaboration, or strengthen an existing partnership, it also assists researchers to build their industry links and networks, strengthening their standing as leading industry engaged and informed researchers. FIA continues to lower the barriers between industry and researchers at UniSA. Further information about FIA can be accessed via: http://unisa.edu.au/fia/

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