Advanced infrastructure
To enable world-class research and development

FII hosts exceptional research infrastructure that supports a world-class program of research and industry-linked development. Based at Mawson Lakes, FII houses over $60 million of specialised infrastructure, including state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment in purpose-built buildings.

Industry Projects

We work with industry and tailor projects specifically to your requirements.

Our specialised services include process development and optimisation support, troubleshooting and failure analysis. We work across many industry sectors including; Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer products, Electronics, Energy, Food and beverage, Government, Health and pharmaceuticals, Metals manufacturing, Mining and minerals, Oil and gas, Paints and coatings, Plastic and rubber manufacturing, Telecommunications and Defence.

We treat all enquiries with the strictest confidence and will provide our standard non-disclosure agreement on request.  Agreements provided by our clients are acceptable subject to an internal review process.

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Equipment Bookings


Artologik EZbooking is a locally hosted web based instrument booking tool. It allows authenticated UniSA staff and students to find a research instrument by searching a database using the instrument name, instrument description or free text. The displayed results provide information on the instruments location, contact person, booking information, access fees, a brief description of its function and an image.  

For large research groups an option to pre-purchase bulk hours or subscriptions is available. A schedule of subscription fees and an application form can be accessed from the Welcome Page of EZbooking. This is the first page users see when they access EZbooking. Instructions on how to search and book are also available from the Welcome Page. 

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Australian National Fabrication Facility


The ANFF SA node brings together expertise in surface modification, characterisation, nanotechnology and advanced materials. The node is focused on the design and fabrication of micro and nano-engineered structures, including microfluidic devices, in both polymer and glass substrates.


Microscopy Australia



Microscopy Australia provides access to a vast array of instrumentation for use across all areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology research.

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Adelaide Integrated Bioscience Laboratories (AIB Labs)

The AIB Labs facility at the Future Industries Institute develops and applies advanced spectroscopic, force microscopy and other interfacial characterisation techniques to the analyses of materials and nanoparticles for biotechnology research and development, product development and quality assurance.

“FII houses over $60 million of specialised infrastructure
including state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment in
purpose built buildings”.