Mobility Grants

Mobility Scheme Overview

South Australia’s first Mobility Scheme provides opportunities for industry representatives to work within UniSA, or for UniSA researchers to work within a business, for up to 12 months, facilitating the transfer of expertise, training and skills.


How does accessing the Scheme help my business?

Unique to South Australia, the Scheme will prioritise the support of collaborative initiatives with business to achieve defined outcomes, including project work relating to tackling specific industry R&D challenges, facilitating knowledge transfer, and the opportunity to develop and upskill staff.


What support is available through the Mobility Scheme?

Through this scheme, funding will be provided to cover the full salary costs (including on-costs) for an industry or University staff member for a secondment term of up to 12 months duration. The secondment term may be flexible in terms of time spent per week within an organisation.

Eligible companies must have at least current, or proposed, operations in South Australia, along with a demonstrated intention to benefit the State’s economy.


Submission Deadlines: 2018

COB Wednesday 27 June

COB Wednesday 8 August 

COB Wednesday 19 September

COB Wednesday 31 October

COB Wednesday 12 December

Submission Deadlines: 2019

COB Wednesday 23 January

COB Wednesday 6 March

COB Wednesday 17 April

COB Wednesday 29 May


How do I apply for the Mobility Scheme?

In the first instance, please consult with your direct Line Manager and/or Head of School as to the appropriateness and focus of your proposed secondment.  If the proposed secondment is identified as being well suited then carefully review the scheme Guidelines and Application Form.

Applications should be co-developed by the industry partner and UniSA researcher(s), and must be written in the style of a business case where the problem/opportunity that the secondment will address, and the anticipated deliverables and impact from the secondment, are clearly articulated.

All applications to the Mobility Scheme must be written in accessible language that is easy to understand and where technical or discipline specific terminology is explained. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis, and will generally be assessed within eight weeks from submission by the Mobility Scheme assessment panel.

To access support and advice regarding eligibility and the overall application process, all applicants must engage with the FIA Program Manager prior to final applications proceeding through to the FIA Oversight Committee.

Application Documents

FIA Mobility Scheme Guidelines


FIA Mobility Scheme Application Form




For further information please contact

Mark Saunders
Program Manager: Future Industries Accelerator
Phone: (08) 8302 7195