Future Industries Accelerator

Supporting partnerships between SA industry and UniSA

The Future Industries Accelerator (FIA) drives our approach to partnering and economic transformation. It provides an innovative model for effective and sustainable collaboration between universities and industry.

FIA is a $7.5 million investment from the South Australian State Government, which focuses on creating high-value jobs in South Australia and assists local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate growth.

You don’t need to have worked with the University before to consider engaging. FIA provides the mechanism to develop a new collaboration, or strengthen an existing partnership, with FII (across multidisciplinary areas including biomaterials engineering and nanomedicine, energy and advanced manufacturing, environmental science, and minerals and resources), and more broadly with research expertise from across the University.

Explore the opportunities to partner with us and discover how we support companies across South Australia via the Future Industries Accelerator.

Three core activities provide flexibility and tangible mechanisms to drive the transformation of your business through:

Infrastructure Access Scheme

Providing companies with access to equipment, laboratory space, and research infrastructure.

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 R&D Voucher Scheme

Funding for projects to address priority industry challenges.

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Mobility Grants

Grants will fund placements for up to 12 months within business or within FII.

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The benefits of engaging with FIA

There are benefits for companies, and the University, with South Australia the ultimate winner. The Future Industries Accelerator program:

  • Uses academic expertise and infrastructure to address pertinent challenges faced by industry partners
  • Facilitates enhanced R&D capacity in partner businesses
  • Develops entrepreneurial and business capacity in university researchers
  • Enables co-creation, co-location and sharing of resources, ideas and skills, and
  • Can be implemented at sufficient scale to achieve long-term cultural change.


“UniSA’s Future Industries Institute partners with industry and across disciplines to develop
and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that our partners value and need,
and that make a difference in the world.”

– Professor Emily Hilder, Director, Future Industries Institute

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Future Industries Accelerator (FIA).  Unlocking potential through partnerships. Find out more and download our brochure now.



A $7.5m investment from the State Governmnet of South Australia, which focuses on creating high-value jobs and assists local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate growth.


Mark Saunders
Program Manager: Future Industries Accelerator
Phone: (08) 8302 7195
Email: mark.saunders@unisa.edu.au