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Future Industries Accelerator

A South Australian Government investment of $7.5 million over three years will open up opportunities from 2016-2019 for local businesses to engage with FII researchers to solve specific industry problems and facilitate access to state-of-the-art technologies and two-way industry/academics placements.

The Future Industries Accelerator will focus on the creation of high-value jobs in South Australia and support South Australian industries to build their research and development capacity and accelerate growth. 


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The Future Industries Accelerator Program provides:

R&D Voucher Scheme

Funding of up to $100,000 for projects up to 12 months duration to address priority industry challenges and/or rapidly develop and test potential product ideas or enhancements.


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Infrastructure Access Scheme

Companies can access equipment, laboratory space, and research infrastructure valued at over $60 million, with advice, training and analysis from dedicated technical staff, at no direct cost.


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Mobility Grants

Commencing mid-2017, grants will fund placements of up to 12 months for FII researchers to work within a business, or industry representatives to work within FII, facilitating the transfer of expertise, training and skills.

A flexible and responsive approach to engagement and collaboration
Solution-driven, collaborative and transparent: we’re not an ordinary research institute.

At FII we not only know what we are good at, we know how to combine our skills and assets in unique and tailored ways for each and every partner to ensure that the outcomes we deliver are focused on their unique needs. We do this by taking the time to understand each partner’s core business needs and values to use this insight to focus on the way we design solutions. We are open and honest about what we can and can’t do.

Another difference in the way we work is that our researchers are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, to be responsive to the needs of industry and community partners, and to engage in the commercialisation of their research. We are focused on and committed to finding ways for our research outcomes to create value and impact for industry collaborators and entrepreneurs in Australia and internationally across economic, social and environmental dimensions.

As an institution, UniSA values partnerships and our approach to intellectual property management is framed by a set of principles that echo our commitment to meaningful collaboration – at their core these principles outline a commitment to providing timely and commercially reasonable access to our intellectual property, expertise and capabilities and being flexible and easy to do business with.

We invite you to reach out and explore the opportunities for your organisation to partner with FII.

Through UniSA Ventures, a wholly owned entity of UniSA, the management of intellectual property is informed by 7 key principles which have been adopted across all Australian Technology Network (ATN) Universities. They support researchers and partners to translate this knowledge into commercial outcomes with the aim to give timely and commercially reasonable access to our intellectual property, expertise and capabilities.

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We invite you to contact us to explore an opportunity and develop an exciting, mutually beneficial and multifaceted relationship with you and your company.

UCL (University College London) Partnership

UniSA is a proud partner of University College London.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

FII works with a diverse range of Partners and Collaborators around the globe.

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Student Research Opportunities

The Future Industries Institute hosts students from overseas institutes.

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